Affiliate Disclosure

At FAMC, our foundational values are rooted in honesty, trust, and transparency. In keeping with these principles, we believe it's essential to inform you that purchases made through links on our website may result in a commission for the individual who referred you, at no additional cost to you.

Understanding Our Affiliate System

FAMC is committed to remaining a cost-free platform, a promise we intend to uphold indefinitely. Throughout our training modules, we periodically recommend various third-party tools and services. Some of these recommendations include products that require payment or offer optional premium plans, many of which are associated with affiliate programs.

Our platform is dedicated to the education and practical application of affiliate marketing strategies. Upon completion of our comprehensive training, members are provided the opportunity to personalize the experience by substituting our default affiliate links with their own. This initiative enables members to earn commission from their referrals should those individuals decide to invest in any of the endorsed products or services to enhance their business ventures.

It is important to note that our recommendations are meticulously curated, focusing solely on resources that are indispensable or significantly beneficial for the entrepreneurial journey. The success and integrity of our platform are predicated on prioritizing the welfare and advancement of our members above all else, including financial gain.

Should you opt to make a purchase through one of our affiliate links, be assured that the price remains unchanged from what you would encounter if you visited the vendor's site directly without utilizing an affiliate link. Utilizing these links directly supports our mission to deliver high-quality, complimentary education to our community.

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