7 Best Pole Dancing Affiliate Programs For 2024 (Highest Paying)

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Are you passionate about figure skating and looking to turn your enthusiasm into a profitable venture? Whether you’re a seasoned skater, a coach, or a fan, affiliate programs offer a fantastic opportunity to earn extra income.

By promoting top-quality figure skating products and resources, you can help others excel in this beautiful sport while earning commissions for your recommendations.

In this post, we will explore the best figure skating affiliate programs available today. These programs offer a variety of products and services, from skates and apparel to training aids and educational materials.

Each program has been carefully selected to ensure high-quality offerings and excellent earning potential for affiliates.

Best Pole Dancing Affiliate Programs

The affiliate programs on this page are listed in the following order:

  1. Dancing Dust
  2. PoleFitnessDancing.com
  3. X-POLE
  4. Lupit
  5. Passion4Dancing.com
  6. Canadian Pole Fitness Association (CPFA)
  7. OpenDance Academy

1. Dancing Dust

Dancing Dust stands out with its range of eco-friendly, biodegradable glitters and accessories, designed specifically for pole dancers and performers. Their glitter products, crafted from plant-based materials, not only ensure skin safety but also contribute to a sustainable environment. This brand is a one-stop solution for pole dancers, providing tools and kits that elevate the artistic and performance experience.

By choosing eco-conscious beauty with Dancing Dust, you’re not just adding a touch of sparkle to your pole dancing routines. You’re also contributing to our shared environmental responsibility. Their products, made from plant-based materials, are safe for the skin and environmentally sustainable, allowing you to shine guilt-free.

Highlights of the Dancing Dust Pole Dancing Affiliate Program

  • 5% sales commission
  • Discount code offering 10% off for your referrals
  • Ideal for content publishers, bloggers, and social media influencers with the right industry-relevant audience
  • Quick and easy signup process. High chances of approval

URL: Dancing Dust Affiliate Program

Commission: 5%

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Quarterly Payouts via Bank Transfer or PayPal

2. PoleFitnessDancing.com

PoleFitnessDancing.com, founded by Danna Rossi in 2010, is more than just a provider of pole fitness products and content. It’s a community that fosters feminine self-confidence and wellness through pole dancing. With a diverse range of high-quality dance poles and aerial equipment, it caters to a large community of enthusiasts, promoting inclusivity and support.

The company prioritises safety and effectiveness in its product offerings, ensuring all items are thoroughly tested. PoleFitnessDancing.com also focuses on promoting mental benefits, encouraging users to embrace self-worth and confidence through the practice of pole dancing for fitness. You can confidently promote our products, knowing they are safe and effective.

Highlights of the Pole Fitness Dancing Affiliate Program

Referred subscriptions to Online Pole Dancing Lessons qualify for affiliate commissions:

  • 75% sales commission ($47 is the current price of the course, so you get $35.25)
  • Early insights about upcoming products
  • Seasonal offers and multiple up-sell products
  • Access to the details and performance of the bestsellers
  • Provision of graphics, promotional content, and affiliate tools
  • Affiliate-exclusive contests
  • Dedicated affiliate support team
  • Integrated with ClickBank

URL: Pole Fitness Dancing Affiliate Program

Commission: 75%

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Not Disclosed


X-POLE is a leading provider of professional dance poles and aerial fitness equipment, catering to beginners and seasoned performers. Known for its high-quality products, X-Pole offers a wide range of poles, stages, and accessories designed for safety and durability. Their innovative designs, such as the X-Stage and Xpert series, are popular in the pole fitness community.

X-POLE is dedicated to supporting the pole fitness industry, providing equipment that meets the needs of home users, studios, and competitive athletes. With a focus on quality and performance, X-POLE has become a trusted name for those looking to enhance their pole dancing and aerial fitness experience.

Highlights of the X-POLE Affiliate Program

  • $20 to $70 flat commission, depending on the product type
  • Provision of high-quality artwork and banners for different platform
  • Access to the experienced marketing team for support
  • Ideal for industry-relevant content creators, Instagrammers, YouTubers, and influencers

URL: X-POLE UK Affiliate Program | X-POLE US Affiliate Program



Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Quarterly Payouts via PayPal or Bank Transfer | $250 Minimum Threshold

4. Lupit

Lupit Pole, established by Jani Stepec and Iztok Vodicar in Slovenia, specialises in high-quality pole dance equipment and accessories. Their product line includes poles for various settings—home, stage, studio, and competitions—along with aerial gear, grip pads, and crash mats.

Lupit’s pole dancing affiliate program is highly considerable thanks to its high-ticket SKUs exceeding €1,000. Their affiliate program provides a 10% commission on sales, making it a lucrative option for those promoting high-value items. Lupit Pole’s dedication to quality and extensive range of products has solidified its reputation in the pole dancing community.

Highlights of the Lupit Pole Dancing Affiliate Program

  • 10% standard sales commission
  • Cookie is tracked for 30 days
  • Access to links and professionally designed banners for websites, blogs, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Hassle-free payouts via PayPal
  • User-friendly dashboard with access to performance tracking

URL: Lupit Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via PayPal | €500 Minimum Threshold | If PayPal is Not Available in Your Region, You Can Send Invoice to Receive Commission

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5. Passion4Dancing.com

Passion4Dancing.com was established by Leon Turetsky, a professional dance instructor and owner of Leon’s Dance Center in Boston, MA. Launched in 2009, this platform was created to offer a structured and high-quality learning resource for dancers of all levels.

Passion4Dancing.com provides meticulously crafted online dance lessons that cover fundamental aspects such as timing, steps, lead and follow, and technique. Leon aimed to address the inconsistency and poor quality of free online dance content by offering organised and professionally produced instructional videos. Members enjoy unlimited access to an extensive library of lessons, downloadable content, and personalised email advice, making it a comprehensive tool for enhancing dance skills.

Highlights of the Passion4Dancing.com Affiliate Program

  • Standard commission is 35% (recurring), which means you get $51.45 on each referred annual subscription
  • Commission on upsells is 25% recurring
  • Cookie is tracked for 60 days
  • Seasonal promotions
  • User-friendly dashboard, practical tools, links, and professionally designed banners

URL: Passion4Dancing.com Affiliate Program

Commission: 35% Recurring (Referred Membership) | 25% Recurring (Upsell)

Cookie duration: 60 Days

Payment terms: Not Disclosed 

6. Canadian Pole Fitness Association (CPFA)

The Canadian Pole Fitness Association (CPFA) has been a leading comprehensive pole fitness certification course provider for over a decade. Accredited by canfitpro, the CPFA has certified hundreds of instructors, ensuring they are well-equipped to teach new students confidently. Their online and in-person courses cover various aspects of pole fitness, including beginner and intermediate pole dance, aerial sling, and erotic pole dance.

Each course includes detailed instructional videos and extensive manuals, ensuring thorough preparation. The CPFA’s commitment to high-quality education supports instructors throughout their journey, making it a trusted resource in the pole fitness community. Courses are priced between $199 and $549, appealing to many learners.

Highlights of the Canadian Pole Fitness Association (CPFA) Affiliate Program

  • Standard commission is 10% on referred sales of each course (depending on the current course prices, you get from $19.9 to $54.9 per conversion)
  • User-friendly portal
  • Links to specific courses are available so that you can promote the courses of your choice
  • Credible platform backed by canfitpro

URL: CPFA Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via PayPal

7. OpenDance Academy

OpenDance Academy offers a revolutionary platform for learning pole dancing at your own pace, directly from industry leaders and world champions. Founded with a passion for pole dancing as a sport that enhances strength, agility, and flexibility, OpenDance Academy provides concise and comprehensive video lessons suitable for beginners and advanced learners.

Their instructors, renowned for their expertise and numerous credentials, are dedicated to teaching techniques and the latest trends in pole dancing. This online resource allows enthusiasts worldwide to access masterclasses and tutorials anytime, anywhere, fostering self-expression and creativity through digital technology. Whether in the comfort of home or a dance studio, OpenDance Academy empowers individuals to explore and master pole dancing effortlessly.

Highlights of the OPenDance Academy Pole Dancing Affiliate Program

  • Standard commission is 20% recurring on referred course subscriptions (course prices range from $40 to $150)
  • Complete affiliate guide is available for download from the affiliate area
  • Monthly payouts via PayPal
  • User-friendly dashboard, creative assets, and practical tools
  • $120 Average Order Value (AOV)

URL: OpenDance Academy Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% Recurring

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via PayPal

Becoming a Successful Affiliate In The Pole Dancing Niche

Becoming a successful affiliate in the figure skating niche requires a blend of passion, knowledge, and effective marketing strategies. Understanding your audience’s needs and preferences is crucial for providing valuable recommendations and building trust. By sharing your expertise and offering insightful content, you can attract and retain a loyal following.

Our free affiliate marketing course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this niche. From selecting the best affiliate programs to mastering content creation and social media marketing, our course covers all the essentials. With the right guidance, you can effectively promote figure skating products and services.

We hope the list of affiliate programs above has provided you with valuable options to get started. If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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